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Well hello hello you guessed it I love the hydra and this episode is about Dark elves so enjoy. If you think I did well or dot shoot me an e-mail at seanhammer9@yahoo.comor contact me thru & www.mybattalion.comall have the user name Seanhammer

till next time Fanatics If your not having fun stop playing the game

Sean :)

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#23 Before SeanHammer

Hey everyone whats up, here we are again with todays show. Its a flashback show from two of my favorite episodes of the miscastpodcast. As well as a little comming up news and my games this weekend with the wood elves.

Enjoy  Sean

If your not having fun stop playing the game

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Well the title says it all I guess how is everyone? Today I go over the new white dwarf and its a pretty good one too. it covers a little about the Blood Angel codex Rohan miniatures and a great article about painting non metallic metals.

Hope you enjoy till next time when the galaxy flows red (wonder what that means)

Sean :)

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#21 Wood Elves

Well here we are with the left behind so to speak the wood elves. Left behind you say well in the story of the the game just that they were left behind while their wimpy cousins went back to their island home, and also in game play the wood elves have lived pretty much the same amount of time the high elves have and they do not have the experience with their weapons as do their brothers. Sorry I told you that was a lame excuse thanks GW. well here we are with the wood elves one of the few I respect to hold the title elf. The other being Dark elves.

Remember Fanatics "If youre not having fun stop playing the game :)



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