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Well here we are almost at 40 and a year old. Today I skim over the new white Dwarf with all of its Dark Eldar goodness and also an inter view with Black Library author Graham McNeill



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Hey here we are again hope you all are enjoying today I speak with Big Jim creator and ruler of all that is Killzones. Check him and the game out at And this Sunday 10/10/10 is killzone launch day check Big Jim out and let him know Sean sent ya, Enjoy

I also go over super breifly with this months Waste Dwarf (high elves) pretty gay if you ask me just sick of them I guess.

Still waiting for Dark Eldar next time hopefully well go over some more of the wolf mount review from Wargamma and Avatars of war check both of these sponsers out as well as Cool City Games links are on the side. Dont forget if you have any comments or such send them to  And leave Itune reviews you neverknow you might walk away with something bad ass

Sean :)



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