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#45 Deathwatch & Ross Watson

Hello everyone here we are with our Deathwatch episode of seanhammer. In today's show I cover the FAQ's for Black Templar as well as Dark angels. Also I interview Ross Watson from Fantasy Flight Games all things Deathwatch. And Finally my last coverage of a Dark Eldar army Idea the Hellion list. I hope you enjoy let me know what you think send it to & dont forget to give me an Itunes review


Check out Fantasy Flight Games for more to do with Deathwatch

To be Unclean That is the Mark of the Xenosdw_thumb-1.jpg

To be Impure That is the Mark of the Xenos

To be abhorred That is the Mark of the Xenos

To be Reviled That is the Mark of the Xenos

To be Hunted That is the Mark of the Xenos

To be Purged That is the fate of the Xenos

To be Cleansed For that is the fate of all Xenos

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Well here is my sad attempt number two of doing a narrative intro. In todays Show I go over the Guild for Malifaux and an interview with the co developer for Wyrd miniatures Eric Johns. Enjoy If you have any comments send them to I aslso need Itunes reviews

A special shout out to the guys from the Gamers lounge

Remember if your not having fun stop playing the game



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