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well one show shy of 50 and here we are talking some more Malifaux, key topic the resurrectionists and the new rules manual.

for more Malifaux goodness check out The Gamers Lounge they cover the Dreamer and Lord Chompy bits strategy very nicely.

also check out the theaethervox.comthey go over using Zoraida

and the Painting Apothacary

till next time If your not having fun stop playing the game

contest winners next episode

Send me emails and leave Itunes reviews you never know when you may win something :)

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#48 Grey Knights, bitches!!

Well that title was easy if you cant guess here is my rudimentary coverage of the bright and shiny new 40K codex Grey Knights.

Listen through to the end for some Grey Knight giveaways.

If you have comments send them to and remember to leave an I tunes review for Gods sake. The Emperor Protects


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