#55 The Lone Wolf and some Games Day interviews

August 25th, 2011

Well hello everyone welcome to Seanhammer in today's episode I cover the 40K unit The Lone Wolf. Also I have two interviews for you C.L. Wener and Nick Kyme from Games Day 2011.

Listen up for your chance to win some cool Stuff from the guest authors as well as some Malifaux freebies

Let me know what you think and enjoy

Sean  (leave Itunes reviews) :)Nick9_copy.jpgcl-werner.jpg

#54 Lilith and the Gamers Lounge

August 10th, 2011

Well after a great deal of trouble I bring you episode #54 and a whole bunch of malifaux goodness, In the form of Lilith from the Neverborn. This is only one half of an interview to get the other check out bill at the Gamers Lounge. Please leave Itunes reviews and leave me a message at http://mce_host/admin/seanhammer9@yahoo.com


#53 Nope not dead (and I brought friends)

August 6th, 2011

Well here it is episode #53 with the new white dwarf and some malifaux talk also I have the guys from the Aethervox for some Malifaux talk. Have fun and enjoy Sean :)



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