Im in the cult of eat your enemy (insert living color)

December 18th, 2019

merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and everything all around. merry being Human.

i figured since it was the holidays and December, i would read over the cult of December for malifaux.

things that came to light while doing so.

  • Rasputina is a easy to spam ice pillars and shes mean
  • her crew not majestic and happy winder fae folk (cannibals)
  • really thematic
  • the crew has changed dramatically through the years
  • you need a shit ton of ice pillar markers (trust me)


Yan Lo Unmade and redone

December 17th, 2019

well heck here we are again closing near another year of me being inconsistent as hell right?

today we go over

  • my general doings and things ive been infatuated with
  • the unmade for warcry (kinda boring there)
  • my list and models owned for a 3rd edition Yan Lo crew




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