alien spiders alternate models, purchases and laughing bats

November 30th, 2020

well today I just spend some time talking

  • alternate models and thoughts for games and crews
  • wyrd black Friday purchases
  • spiderman venom and absolute carnage heroclix
  • my love for that set and the prime dials
  • nonsense and an Enimem tune to match theme of the show


Marvel Comics Poster Venom Face - Posters buy now in the shop Close Up GmbH

crossroads Seven give or take

November 6th, 2020

well here is a group of individuals who changed quite a bit over the last edition. In a good way for the owner of the crew anyway. lets get right into it and decipher my ramblings of the crossroads seven shall we.

NEW Malifaux Goodies On the Way From Wyrd - Spikey Bits


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