#17 Getting started with Bretonnia

February 21st, 2010

Well here we are another week gone and a new show up. Today will kinda be a response to some e-mail I received about stating out with this fantastic hobby as well as the newest army under my belt. Ill be doing a full army book review on Bretonnia soon as well to help you understand a few different choices for this flavorful army.

Check out my battalion page search for seanhammer and there I am I have a few pics on my wall and am going to add more soon, some which will focusing on the development of my 1250 point Bret army.

you can follow me on twitter facebook user name Sean hammer, be my friend on podbean thru the site and just plain ol email me I like those too at seanhammer9@yahoo.com.

I would really like some I-tune reviews to if ya wanna :)

Thanks for listening and have fun and a shout out to AJ and Ray this ones for you


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